Content warning: 

Transphobia, trans medicalisation, mention of dysphoria.

About 'stand up':

The trans experience is one that's so often defined in media, by governments, by cis people, as one simple / single / matter-of-fact / impersonal Medical Procedure. The waiting rooms are FREEZING, the doctors sometimes glacial.

I wrote an interactive poem which explores this idea, that UNZIPS the notion of what it means to be trans. Because being trans isn't just about one single thing - it's a medley, a blend, a BUNDLE.

Being trans is about breathing, loving and being; and, in this story, it's about finding small joys and knowing you are loved.

Tips for play:

  • Interact with each character multiple times. They may have more to say to you.
  • Explore the space. Make new discoveries. 
  • Know that if you're trans, you are loved <3


'stand up' is made with Bitsy by Adam Le Doux.

Huge thank you Tegan Webb for your feedback & advice <3

Originally published in Backslash Lit - Issue 6 - 'ZIP / FREEZE / BUNDLE'. (Republished with permission.)

Supported by the incredible Queer Games Bundle 2022.

Featured in Indiepocalypse #44.

Press/media kit:

A press/media kit for 'stand up' is available here.

Awards & nominations:

Winner of the 2022 Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Digital Innovation.

Shortlisted for the Queer Games Festival 2023.

Official Selection - Pride at Play 2023.

Honourable Mention in the 2024 Freeplay Awards.

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AuthorRae White
Made withbitsy
TagsBitsy, Gay, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Minimalist, Narrative, poetry, Queer, Singleplayer, Transgender


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Discovered your games through the Melbourne Queer Games Festival. Love them, thank you for putting some queer joy into the world :)

That’s so wonderful to hear, thank you so much!!





<3 <3 I cry


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i love this ending, thank you


thank you so much! <3