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This is a free resource pack of PDF and PNG files titled 'you are loved', which you can use to print stickers and posters and flyers. 

Stick them about in the places where you live to show transgender and gender diverse people they are loved. 

Did you put up a sticker or poster? Or find one in the wild? Share your photos with us on the you.are.lov3d Instagram (anonymous is totally okay too!)

Personally, I’ll be putting some of the smaller stickers in bathrooms - a site that is so often made unsafe by transphobes. I’ll also be going on little walks in the sunshine and pulling down transphobic posters and replacing them with signs of trans love.

Feel free to change up the sizes of these images or request new sizes in the comments. I have a pro Canva account and I’m not afraid to use it!

Supported by the incredible Queer Games Bundle 2022.


And to my fellow trans siblings, friends, loved ones - you are worthy, you are loved. <3

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AuthorRae White
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This is a really cool project and I look forward to sticking some up in my local area.

wonderful to hear!

Thank you for this Rae <3